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Prestige Dry Cleaners is situated in the heart of Mitcham.

Prestige Dry Cleaners offers an exemplary dry cleaning and laundry service focused on high-quality clothing, meticulous fabric care, and discreet and attentive service.

The Prestige Dry Cleaners is renowned throughout the Mitcham area for its divine style.

We specialize in first-class stain removal, attention to detail, and hand finishing of all garments. Prestige Dry Cleaners’ service combines craftsmanship with the most advanced and environmentally friendly techniques in fabric care. Every piece, even everyday items, goes through our seven-stage cleaning process starting with an evaluation of the fabric and ending with a final hand inspection.

We pride ourselves on service excellence, discretion, and meticulous care for each customer’s individual requirements. If your favorite thing is not on our website just call 020 8640 6688, and our specialized team will happily try especially for you.

Typical eco-friendly dry cleaning sometimes meant stains not being removed. Prestige Dry Cleaners have invested in the latest technology to overcome this… and we are loving the results!

Perfectly cleaned garments in solvents dermatologically tested for your safety and comfort, your clothes will have a very pleasant and smooth feel, bright colors, and whiter whites whilst positively contributing to the protection of our environment.

We have been a family-run business for over seven years and Prestige Dry Cleaners have built a reputation within the industry as probably one of the finest dry cleaners in the South of England.

We only use the finest chemicals for safe stain removal. Your stained items will be treated with industry-leading chemicals. We have made sure that all stain removal chemicals used are safe and give excellent stain removal results. Remember, the owners are hands-on and treat most stains themselves!

Being one of the first in the country to use the environmentally friendly dry-cleaning process SYSTEM K4, the solvents are kept at a constantly reduced temperature to protect all accessories like buttons, beads, and diamantes. Your items will be gently immersed, using minimal mechanical action. Whilst immersed, we then add to every clean the finest in anti-static and retexturing additives to give your clothes a brand-new feel! 

Using mainly steam only together with a skillful hand, we will softly press your items. Although we are well advanced in dry cleaning technology, we still like to use many traditional methods for finishing. Our irons, unlike home irons, do not carry much heat and therefore protect your garments from the dreaded “shining” on darker clothing. 

At Prestige Dry Cleaners, we take pride in quality control. Your items will be hand-finished, brushed, lint removed, de-bobbled, and checked vigorously before being packaged, one item at a time. Some garments such as cashmere coats can take more than 30 minutes to complete just at this final stage!

This additional process involves the owners from start to finish. These garments will be handled individually, and final checks are made by our most experienced staff. Before the final packaging, all minor tailored repairs will be carried out.